Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tjena tjena!

Tjena tjena!

Really good lesson with our member friend Broder T. Have I told you about him before? I actually taught him on splits once when I was serving in Örebro before he was baptized. He recognized me! :) But we've been meeting with him regularly. We talk about all sorts of things. He has been experiencing the feeling of real repentance, and is getting a clearer and clearer picture of what is right about the church. He talked about how he has seen something unique in the missionaries, something that all of them share (he used to think that it was just an American thing, but then the Finns had it too!) When we met with him on Saturday, he said he was planning on coming to church, and we invited his wife as well (who hasn't been with on his lessons ever since he began investigating), and she said yes!

We got to teach Primary again this week! :) This lesson was about the three and the eight witnesses. We brought a copy of the Book of Mormon in Cambodian as a stand-in for the gold plates while we were teaching. :) Much fun! We are also trying to set up as many lessons as we can for both sides of Västerås now, it has been interesting. Hopefully we will find/refind more people soon, but with extra missionaries we'll have lots more resources. It's definitely going to be exciting! I'll have to tell you how the trainers' meeting goes that we will be attending tomorrow. I remember how crazy it was to organize for even normal-sized groups... I'm sure the office elders have their work cut out for them. Elder K still occasionally calls me with questions about where he can find certain materials around the office or in the computers. :) I suppose it will just be the twelve of us... and the new missionaries! That's a big enough group as it is, so President ended up having to rent a few rooms at the Scandic for some of the missionaries to stay in (including my companion and me!), but it will be nice to see lots of missionaries again! 

Hey, guess what? my companion recognizes right where you're biking in the picture you sent me! Apparently they have installed stairs there now. That's okay. :) I like these Elder Asp pictures! :D I think I'm going to just get a nice secure mailer and send you the memory card from my camera. I've had that blank one for too long, and I put together my last package without making sure it was inside. :P Lots of new Elder Asp pictures on their way! :)

It's late for the season, but... Halloween smiley! :=E   ^"^  ^"^  (yes, those are bats)

Thanks for all the exciting news! Say hi to Ray from me. Lol! :D I miss my old high school buddies. :) And give Connor a big hug from his uncle! :D I can't wait to meet that kid!!!

I love you so much!

Äldste Asp